Assisted Living In Pittsburgh

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The Life Enrichment program of the Pittsburgh Elder Care boasts many actions. Cultivating relationships, friendships, and encouraging an open-door policy makes our community special. We do not just do Bingo; we make sure to look after our residents' physical, mental, and spiritual health. By way of example, we have Sunday church services; a daily exercise plan each morning to help keep cooking activities in our full-sized kitchen, residents active and moving, and more. Frenzy Night has become one of the most anticipated events at assisted living in Pittsburgh!
Are you looking for more? Pittsburgh Elder Care is the best location for excursions. Join our elders on trips to Pittsburgh Pirates games, shopping, the Pittsburgh Zoo, Carnegie Science Center, and dining outside.
Programming at Pittsburgh Elder Care keeps us vibrant and in touch with our surrounding neighborhood. You'll find our program inspires residents to lead active and fulfilling lives.

Assisted living in pittsburgh

Assisted living in pittsburgh

Dining Program

Join us for three meals a day and snacks!

The dining experience at assisted living in Pittsburgh is a great way to meet up with friends and enjoy our friendly staff. Meals are ready on-site. Meals are nutritious, delicious, and include flavors. An alternate menu is also available. Each lunch and dinner provide dessert and a beginner. The staff serves meals. Meals change daily, and we are accommodating to individual tastes, preferences, and food allergies.

Enhanced Personal Care

At assisted living in Pittsburgh Pa, our focus is supporting our residents' Pittsburgh Elder Care and total wellness. Our staff follows up to ensure their satisfaction and listens to residents and household requirements. Because of the longevity of our team, we have provided the highest quality of care.

The maintenance that every resident receives at Pittsburgh Elder Care is unique to their requirements. Each resident's daily living (ADLs), such as dressing, bathing, and hygiene, are evaluated upon move-in and regularly during their stay. We operate together with family, all the residents, and health practitioners to produce the ideal care plan.

Care-related services include, but aren't limited to:

Personal care support with tasks of daily living
Medicine assistance and management
Mobility assistance
Continence care
Weekly visits from an outside doctor
On-site visits in the dentist, podiatrist, home health, and more

In Pittsburgh Elder Care of Monroeville, we've got an on-site rehabilitation gym when treatment is necessary after injury or an event. The order of A physician is required, and our therapy group can help. This advantage can enable a resident to get back to their routine.
Provide consistent, well-trained caregivers unique to dementia care Supply care according to residents' skills and needs, concerning the patient's culture and tastes Achieve the quality of life possible for citizens throughout cueing and help Be a resource and Supply assistance to families, staff, and other residents.
We're here for you at our assisted living in Pittsburgh. Call and ask us.

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